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    his family, including his continued

    involvement within photography and

    also his experiences of ongoing Para-Normal and

    sightings of UFO's

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                                                              Boy takes photograph of UFO's in 1962 - Air Ministry undertakes interview and investigation - Secret Royal Meeting ? - Negative stolen and then sold years later by advert in well known Flying Saucer Magazine - US project blue book collates picture and incident - 42 years later another photograph is taken by the same person - Air Ministry involved once again and requests the photograph to analyse by their image experts - Colossal investigation undertaken spanning almost 4 years involving many experts - Could this be the most comprehensive photograph of a UFO ever taken ? - Perhaps never to be published ?                                                                    



But who shall dwell in these worlds if they be inhabited?

Are we or they Lords of the World?

And how are all  things made for man?



My liaison, communications and interviews with the MOD since 1962 right up to 2004 including their image analysis experts and investigation team, has given me an even deeper insight into the real workings and beliefs of this shrouded department, although I am not at this time able to disclose the reasons behind the latest MOD interviews at room 6-73 but I hope in the near future to publish the accounts in full, when all investigations by the many experts are completed, this is the second in-depth investigation by the MOD since the original 1962 interview some 49 years ago.


It was part of my plan from the beginning to include Dr David Clarke and Andy Roberts who would be part and witness to these new interviews, and indeed Andy Roberts accompanied me to the MOD and was part of the first meeting with the head of that department of UFO investigations within the MOD on the 9th March 2004 - Andy Roberts and Dr David Clarke have guaranteed to me - not to disclose the reasons behind the investigations and interviews, or to publish or show the evidence of any communications from that Government Department, until I agree to do so - That disclosure cannot be allowed until all analysis and research is completed, and when each independent expert within their field have finished their examination of the incident in full.

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 Are we in the infancy of our species, do we peer into the darkness - fearing it yet seeking within it a reassurance that we are not alone?

Perhaps in the black void are beings not unlike us - maybe they are wiser, better, perhaps they may tell us secrets that will save us from ourselves.

Is there a primeval instinct within us all searching for an Elysium, a reason, and a direction, with a reward of everlasting life to come.

Can religions or individual beliefs from UFO's to inner spiritual sanctum's satisfy this hunger, we all search for spiritual comfort using many platforms, be it sedate religious organisations, to deeper and more exciting beliefs - all have one common reason, to bridge our mundane world with a far more greater intelligence or power - perhaps a spiritual being or spiritual world or even a far advanced cosmic race - such a connection would complete the very reason for our existence!

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